The Central Market renews the offers of fruits and vegetables to "popular prices"

The Central Market renews the offers of fruits and vegetables to "popular prices"

Seasonal products and popular prices at the Central Market retail fair. / Photo: Vitcoria Gesualdi

The president of the Central Market, Nahuel Levaggi, said that at the market’s retail fair, the lists of fruit and vegetable offers are renewed every week, with the aim that consumers “can have reference prices and access popular prices.” .

“Every week the price list is redefined; it has to do with the policies that we have been carrying out integrally, in the Central Market you will always have access to popular prices”he stated this morning in statements to AM 530.

He added that the offers in fruits and vegetables are “also now in the new market of Lomas (from Zamora) that was set up, in the premises of different peasant organizations such as the UTT (Union of Workers of the Land) so that consumers can have reference prices and access popular prices to stop the pot”.

“Every week an agreement is made with the vendors aimed at basic necessities, it is a line that we have been carrying out in the management of the Central Market since we arrived, two years ago, and at the retail fair more than half a year ago. we have been carrying out the price agreement,” he detailed.

He explained that “Fruit and vegetables are perishable, seasonal products that are handled in the general market in supply and demand”for which they have “very oscillating prices”.

“In other marketing channels such as the UTT, stable price agreements are made, but in the general market they fluctuate based on supply, that responds to seasonality, climatic issues, so sometimes in the Indec there is a price increase in the lettuce but then the product drops, it is not a real reflection that it has been increasing steadily without stopping,” he assured.

Levaggi pointed out that “last year we had proposed a supply stabilization plan in order to guarantee a stable price, for this we must plan production so that there is a constant supply of the most consumed products.”

“This would mean an active policy with credits, access to land, technological innovation, that would be the real way to stabilize prices,” he concluded.

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