La ola invernal afecta la producción de leche en el país

Winter wave affects milk production, small producers most affected

“The rains harm us because the pastures begin to flood and the cattle begin to limp,” say producers.

In addition to the rains, the high price of inputs such as food and medicines make milk production more expensive in the country.

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Small milk producers in Colombia are concerned about the problems for the production of food and its derivatives.

Milk production decreases for the winter
With the rains come some problems for the cows.

The rains that generate floods and landslides, put the integrity of the animals that must receive veterinary attention at risk.

“The rains harm us because the pastures begin to flood and the cattle begin to limp,” a milk producer from Ubaté assured Noticias Caracol.

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In addition to the winter wave, the high price of feed and concentrates has forced producers to change the ‘diet’ of the cows; And with this change, the amount of milk produced daily has decreased.

On the other hand, the rise in the price of fuel also makes the transportation of supplies and the distribution of dairy products more expensive.

In the Ubaté Valley, in Cundinamarca, one million liters of milk are produced annually, but this year the production decreased to 700 thousand liters.

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