Willie Bermúdez on approval of the municipal budget: ‘This budget is disrespectful to the Panamanian citizenship’

In the midst of the economic and social crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Municipality of Panama, led by PRD José Luis Fábrega, will handle the largest budget in its history in 2022: $ 330 million.

This figure was approved in a quick session of the City Council, with only 2 votes against. A total of 24 corregimientos representatives voted in favor of the amount, which represents an increase of $ 53.1 million over the 2021 budget ($ 276.9 million).

Only Panamanians Guillermo “Willie” Bermúdez and Ricardo “Ricky” Domínguez, from the townships of Don Bosco and Bella Vista, respectively, opposed it.

Bermúdez questioned this budget and classified it as irresponsible and a lack of respect for citizens.

“It is a budget that did not have a debate, for the first time in history, it was only the treasurer, the planning director and no one else, there was no director to explain how works and construction will collect what they say they are going to do. to collect. It is totally irresponsible with the citizens and it is an issue in which they have approved a budget that was not even discussed or explained. This budget is disrespectful to the Panamanian citizenship ”, he declared.

In addition, he also questioned the lack of execution of the administration of the mayor of Panama, José Luis Fábrega during his tenure, which amounts to B /. 4.1 million.

“You can believe that last year they were B /. 138 million and 28 months in office the mayor has only executed B /. 4.1 million, the mayor’s office prior to two years of government had more than B /. 300 million in execution and more than 60 works in progress, at this moment there are only five works tendered. There is no city model that the mayor is carrying out, there is no route and it is sad because the city has lost 10 years in this mayoral administration and a total incapacity on the part of the mayor in execution has been shown ”, emphasized the councilor in Telemeter Reports.

According to the mayor of the capital, José Luis Fábrega, this approved budget is balanced, transparent and duly supported.

He expressed that the comments issued by both Panamanian representatives are to seek prominence. “After November 21, when his party had internal conventional elections, both were crushed more than a cockroach,” Fabrega attacked Bermúdez and Domínguez.

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