Will the mask be used again in Bogotá?  this was said by the mayor

Will the mask be used again in Bogotá? this was said by the mayor

During the risk management and climate change council, the Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lópezoutlined the measures that the district will implement to mitigate the consequences of the second rainy season, which will last until December.

(Government declares ‘maximum alert’ in San Andrés due to storm Julia).

“We will have until November of this year a difficult winter season phenomenon for Colombia and with risk for the city. It is a security risk, because we have risks of flooding, torrential currents, possible landslides; but it is also a public health risk, because low temperatures are coming, which generates respiratory diseases in the city,” López said.

Therefore, the mayor of the country’s capital warned that It is not ruled out to demand the mandatory use of the mask again. And he added that during 2022, 1.5 million people have been treated for respiratory diseases, being the highest figure since 2017.

(The ‘100 land problems’ that Colombia has to solve).

López also pointed out that: “If for three weeks epidemiological security reports a number of cases of respiratory diseases higher than the historical level, we have to declare yellow alert”.

The above means “that we are going to have to wear face masks in any closed space”.


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