Why do Paraguayans vote for the worst figures?

Why do Paraguayans vote for the worst figures?

Questioned figures such as Óscar “Nenecho” Rodríguez and Hugo Javier occupy decisive positions in Paraguayan politics, while the legislative system is also corroded by profiles similar to those of Ulises Quintana or Tomás Rivas. In this way, it seems easy to question the authorities of the country, but who located those people where they currently are through their vote?

The electorate bears most of the responsibility for an almost null existence of the smart vote and, taking into account the analyzes of the expert in Political Science, Dr. Horacio Galeano Perrone, the day of the elections is determined by the electoral apparatus, structure and money.

Dr. Horacio Galeano Perrone

“That is why a person cannot appear without structure or money because elections are defined by the system and not by political discourse because it has nothing to do with reality. We are driven by a party agenda ”, he defined.

In that sense, he said that in the case of the opposition, it will not be able to win without the PLRA, even though it may have a good profile due to the lack of a party structure, apart from the necessary investment of an approximate US $ 50 million. dollars in political campaigns.

“On the other hand, you see almost 30% of independent voters, but they are overwhelmed once the electoral apparatus move,” he indicated, mentioning that this sector does not end up being decisive at the time of voting.

As for young people, who are often seen as the sector capable of making a difference, the expert pointed out that they are actually completely disinterested in political participation, simply because it is not attractive to them, while part of the group sees the public sector as the only job opportunity.

“There is no conscience and young people are incorporated according to their interests,” he argued, adding that in this sense we differentiate ourselves from other countries in the region such as Chile, Uruguay and Argentina because there a better model of education and civic participation is developed than it is reflected in the alternations of political systems.

For his part, the political analyst Alfredo Boccia Paz determined that this lack of civic education constitutes an already historical fact in the country and to analyze it, one must start from far back.

Why do Paraguayans vote for the worst figures?

Alfredo Boccia Paz

“The Stroessner dictatorship destroyed all kinds of republican institutions, but we forget that this dictatorship did not interrupt any democratic process and we must go back until 1930 to find governments with a certain internal democracy,” he commented.

Boccia Paz stressed that instead of knowing how to choose and exercise a healthy criticism of the authorities, we have not been able to get rid of the vices of the past, perfecting others and especially those referring to political patronage.

Thus, he pointed out that the people were accommodating, the hegemonic party did not lose its hegemony and the opposition parties that were losing elections after others were copying the Colorado model, reaching this situation in which the popular representatives are quite mediocre and this last point It ends up being the reflection of society because the rulers do not end up being so different from their constituents.

“There is also a great disappointment that justifies the non-appearance of the people. When you have had a party for more than 60 years, which is almost a State party, it is hegemonic, it has the judicial, legislative and executive power in its hands, as well as most of the municipalities and governorates, the elections return as a mere formality ” sentenced.

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