Eusebia de Copete on pediatric vaccination: ‘The challenge is to vaccinate more than half a million children’

As of this Friday, the pediatric anticovid vaccination begins for children from 5 to 11 years old for those who suffer from chronic diseases, immunosuppressed and disabled patients.

The National Director of Nursing of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Eusebia Calderón de Copete, said that this population of children to be vaccinated is a challenge and they think that these days will be successful because of the trust that mothers have with nurses and the health care system. Health.

“Our challenge is to vaccinate more than half a million children and we will begin with the vulnerable population of children, we will begin at the Pediatric Specialties Hospital, the Children’s Hospital and in Parque Omar children with disabilities will be cared for,” he reported.

He recalled that the father of the family must carry his vaccination card. In turn, he indicated that after applying the dose to the child, he should wait about 15 minutes under supervision to rule out any adverse effect.

He revealed that they currently handle a number of 17 thousand children suffering from chronic diseases.

Regarding the vaccination of the rest of the child population, the nurse indicated that it will begin next week in other parts of the country.

De Copete made mention of the video that circulated this Thursday on social networks, in which money is supposedly requested from users of the public health system for swab services, indicating that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) is still investigating the case to obtain further facts related to this alleged charge to users of the public health service and sanction the officials allegedly responsible.

He urged those who witness this type of act to come to the Ministry to report the action, remembering that the health system in our country is free.

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