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Who wins and who loses with the rise in gasoline

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Who wins and who loses with the rise in gasoline

The increase in the price of gasoline has been one of the decisions of the Petro government that has aroused the most reactions in public opinion. According to the Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, From October and until the end of 2022, the gallon will rise 200 pesos per month.

(Not only food: the sectors that would suffer from the rise in gasoline).

In fact, to correct the deficit of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund, which, from January to August, accumulated a debt of 24.7 billion pesosthe rise in gasoline is expected to continue over the next year.

Thus, it is relevant to know who wins and who loses with the rise in gasoline?

(The consequences of the abrupt fall of the pound against the dollar).

According to Sergio Cabrales, an industrial engineer with experience in hydrocarbons, the only one who gains from this measure is, precisely, the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund that it stops increasing its deficit, given that “close to a quarter of a trillion would be what would not increase the final debt expected for this year.”

And he added: “It is expected that the Fund will have a deficit close to 38 billion pesos but, with this increase that affects the pockets of Colombians, it would have arelatively low reductionof 240 billion pesos”.

For this reason, regarding the ‘losers’ after this government measure, Cabrales pointed out that, initially, they are all the owners of the means of transport that use this fuel.

(Tax has received more than 670 propositions for the first debate).

“Taxi drivers, motorcycles, private vehicles and other transporters that use gasoline will have an increase of approximately 6% at the end of 2022”he detailed.

Which, in turn, in the medium term will affect the pockets of more Colombiansor users of these means of transport, since “this increase is transferred to prices, to transport rates and, therefore, will represent a greater expense for users”.


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