Thousands of Argentines attend a traditional pilgrimage

Thousands of Argentines began this Saturday the pilgrimage to the basilica of Luján, the patron saint of south american countrya tradition that has been repeated every year for almost half a century and that will culminate this Sunday with a mass in the sanctuary.

“Mother, look at us tenderly, we want to unite as a people” was the motto of this 48th pilgrimage, which started again from the Parish of San Cayetano, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Liniers, right on the jurisdictional limit between the capital and the province. from Buenos Aires.

From there, a multitude of young people traveled about 60 kilometers along National Route 7, crossing six Buenos Aires municipalities, until they reached the Luján sanctuary, where the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Mario Aurelio Poli, will officiate Sunday mass.

During their journey, the pilgrims had the assistance of some 6,500 volunteers, as well as 60 health posts and establishments with food and drink at 40 support points.

On this occasion, the diocese of Morón was responsible for moving the image of the Virgin throughout the tour, where the massiveness was once again the protagonist after two editions truncated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Organized in 1975, the first youth walk to Luján brought together 30,000 people and since then the number of participants has increased notably, to exceed 2 million pilgrims in some editions.

With information from Efe and La Nación.

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