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Morais speaks of security at the polls and democracy in a statement

The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Alexandre de Moraes, made a radio and TV address on Saturday night (1) in which he reinforced the importance of voting, the security of electronic voting machines and respect for democracy. Morais speaks of security at the polls and democracy in a statement

“The 2022 general elections symbolize respect for democracy as the only political regime in which full power emanates from the people and which must be exercised for the good of the people, to ensure the growth and strengthening of the Brazilian Republic,” he said.

This Sunday (2) the names that will occupy the positions of president of the Republic, governor, senator, federal deputy, state deputy and district deputy will be chosen.

More than 156 million voters are eligible to go to the polls in this country, in the first round of the 2022 elections. According to the Superior Electoral Court, there will be voting in 5,570 Brazilian municipalities and in 181 locations abroad.

According to the president of the TSE, democracy is a “collective construction” of those who believe in peace, freedom and growth.

Morais said that the TSE will work together with the 27 Regional Electoral Courts and will have 2,600 judges and 2,600 prosecutors, with 22,000 civil servants and more than 1.8 million poll workers to ensure that the electoral process takes place. in the correct way.

The president of the TSE stated that, for the exercise of democracy, it is necessary to guarantee “full freedom and security in the exercise of the right to vote for each Brazilian voter”. According to him, this right is guaranteed by the secrecy of the vote and the security of electronic voting machines.

Morais also highlighted the ban on the use of cell phones in the cabin and the prohibition of the transport and use of weapons by collectors, shooters and hunters (CAC’s) within a radius of 100 meters from all polling stations on Sunday.

“We are one of the four largest democracies in the world, but the only one that collects and discloses electoral data on the same day, with agility, security, competence and transparency, thanks to the advanced, reliable, secure and auditable technology of our electronic voting machines. This has always been and will continue to be a source of national pride,” he said.

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