Where do you hold job fairs?

Where do you hold job fairs?

The Duarte Industrial Park celebrate a job fair aimed at attracting personnel in different areas, administrative, techniques and workers, for national and international companies, among which he cites Bravo, White, Pepsico, Gerdau Metaldom, Basaltic, Two Pines, PID Free Zone and close you.

The event is open to the public of legal age, and more than 2,000 people are expected to attend, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It takes place inside the park, which is located at kilometer 23 of the Duarte highway, after the intersection of the Municipal District La Guáyiga and La Cuaba, in the Pedro Brand municipality.

According to a statement, the Duarte Industrial Park It is an innovative space, with comprehensive services and solutions for companies, industries and logistics operations, in an exclusive environment and strategically located in the Dominican Republic, where the installed companies are committed to conserving and correctly managing natural resources.

“There are the best job opportunities, in administrative areas, for engineering and technical professionals in general, as well as workers, such as cashiers and general services,” says the entity’s press office.

Attendees are asked to bring several copies of their resume, as a way of presenting them to the different enumerators, for their final evaluation.

The weighted ones will be notified through the contacts they make available, in the next business days.

The press release indicates that the administration of the Duarte Industrial Park understands the importance of the industrial sector, which is why they are committed to providing companies with duly conditioned spaces and first-class infrastructure, with a variety of comprehensive services that guarantee optimal conditions to operate efficiently and sustainably.

These working conditions are transmitted to the staff, so they consider the fair they hold to attract new people and integrate them into production to be good, in an attempt to boost the country’s economy.

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