The dollar fell to the $41 range and returned to pre-pandemic levels

The dollar went down again this Thursday for the fourth consecutive session in the local exchange market, on a day where the real and the Chilean peso were also appreciated against the US currency

In Uruguay, the greenback fell 0.63% against the Uruguayan peso and stood at $41.789 in the interbank average, according to the Electronic Stock Exchange (Bevsa). To find a similar value you have to go back two years. At the beginning of March 2020 and prior to the pandemic, the nominal exchange rate was $41.64.

Meanwhile, the last operation of the day was agreed at $41.75 in Bevsa, with a depreciation of 0.69% compared to Wednesday.

This Thursday a total of US$ 16 million was traded and there was no intervention by the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) in the spot market.

So far this year, the dollar accumulates a drop of 6.5% against the Uruguayan peso.

For its part, on the BROU board, the currency to the public lost 30 hundredths and was offered at $40.55 for purchase and $42.95 for sale.

Globally, the dollar index which measures the value of the US dollar against a basket of foreign currencies rose 0.19% to 98.81 units.

In Brazil, there is also a strong appreciation of the real against the US currency, which is at its lowest level since June 2020. The dollar fell 0.25%, to 4.83 reais per unit. In Chile, the exchange rate ended Thursday’s session at its lowest price in six months at 789 pesos.

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The New York Stock Exchange finished in green on thursday, recovering its upward trend after the pause the day before, driven by the good indicators that reassure about the health of the US economy. The Dow Jones rose 1.01%; the Nasdaq, 1.93%; and the S&P 500 index, 1.44%.

In Europe, the Frankfurt Dax index lost 0.07%, the Madrid Ibex 35 fell 0.18% and in Paris the CAC 40 fell 0.39%. In contrast, London increased 0.09% and Milan 0.61%.

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