Aplicación de la tercera dosis de la vacuna contra el COVID-19 en el Centro Deportivo Metropolitano de Quito.

What you should know about the new measures for covid in Ecuador

Suspension of classes, universities, entry of travelers, increased infections and more were discussed in the national COE, given the advance of the covid.

This January 7, 2022, the national COE issued new measures before the advance of coronavirus in the country. The Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, indicated that the variant omicron is the predominant one in Ecuador: 80% of those infected have it. Furthermore, in the first week of January there were 7,000 new cases; the rise is expected to continue in the following weeks.

Therefore, we tell you the measures that were taken to contain the pandemic.

  1. Classes suspended for a week in the tax system

From January 10 to 16, 2021, there will be no classes face-to-face or virtual (it will be counted as vacations and will be recovered). In those days, the authorities requested that the children from five years old be taken to vaccinate. There’s a new schedule for the return to the presence.

2. Private, municipal and fiscal institutions

Have three options to which they can welcome. Among these, replicate the schedule issued by the Ministry of Education.

3. It’s not a vacation

The suspension of classes seeks to generate a preventive isolation of teachers and students. The authorities of the national COE stressed that it is not a vacation, so members of the educational community were asked to stay at home.

4. Classes at universities

Alejandro Rivadeneira, Secretary of Higher Education, indicated that the capacity of the 75% to 50% in higher education with approved return plans. According to the major, the universities have the autonomy to determine the presence or virtuality.

5. Third teaching dose

As of today, January 7, 2022, teachers who have completed five months since the application of their second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, they can approach to place the third, in any of the immunization centers from the country.

6. United States travelers

The Travellers who enter Ecuador, from any city in the United States, and who have embarkation complications to comply with the requirement to present the PCR, they can have it done upon arrival at the airport at a cost of $ 45. This applies until 11:59 p.m. on January 16, 2021.

7. One companion per passenger

The national COE asked all airports to request a vaccination card from travelers. And that those who come from the United States, can only do it with a companion.

8. There is no curfew or state of emergency

Juan Zapata, president of the national COE, reiterated that there is no curfew or state of exception, much less confinement. He stressed that although there is a rebound in cases, thanks to vaccination mortality from COVID-19 is very low: seven deaths among seven thousand cases, according to the Ministry of Education.

9. Is a vaccination card mandatory to go to classes?

The vaccine is not mandatory in these cases. But the vaccination card will be requested in schools, from January 17, 2022, to carry out a data survey. But no child can be excluded for not being vaccinated. There are private institutions where you even request a PCR test. (AVV)

Measurements for the carnival holiday have not been issued.


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