A missing athlete, another escape and a covid outbreak, the present of the Cuban ball

A missing athlete, another escape and a covid outbreak, the present of the Cuban ball

The Cuban ball is in crisis. This Friday it was revealed that Yunior Tur, one of the best pitching prospects, has been missing for two days, and the abandonment of Eriandy Ramón, the third athlete to escape since the start of 2022, and six players from the Las Tunas team was confirmed. and two members of the coaching staff have covid-19.

Tur was excluded from patriot team that was formed by manager Eriel Sánchez for the U-23 World Cup that took place in the northern state of Sonora (Mexico) last September and represented worst sangria in cuban baseball with 12 leaks. The athlete, like Yosimar Cousín, was questioned “discipline” and “patriotism”, a veiled allusion to his possibility of defecting abroad.

Under the same arguments, Tur was excluded from the representative who participated in the I Junior Pan American Games held in Cali, Colombia. To which was added the refusal of the Cuban Federation to be hired by the Mexican ninth of the Charros de Jalisco.

“Sensitive low for Santiago de Cuba that of its closer Yunior Tur”, shared in his social networks the columnist of Play off Magazine, Yirsandy Rodríguez. “Now the Wasps will have to fully configure their bullpen. And, obviously, hope their starters can go far enough in every game. ”

Since the end of 2021, the director of Sports in the province of Las Tunas, Alexis Pérez Leyva, confirmed that a Lumberjack player was detected with symptoms of coronavirus and there are currently six players and two technicians with the disease

The disappearance of the person born in Santiago de Cuba, and that he does not answer calls on his mobile, has led to rumors of a departure from the Island. “A possibility that was always on the minds of the fans of the Santiago team and of the fans. of the pitcher himself “, according to Full swing.

In the midst of speculation about the whereabouts of Tur, the third abandonment of the Island was confirmed in January 2022. Eriandy Ramón joined the leaks of José Ramón Alfonso Jr. and that of Orestes Reyes. The three are in the Dominican Republic from where they will continue their preparation in search of an opportunity with a Major League team from the USA or Canada.

Ramón stood out as second base in the U-15 World Cup that took place in Panama during 2018, where he got four hits, scored three runs and had three strikeouts. “He shared with Dyan Yamel Jorge, about to sign with the Colorado Rockies”, stressed the journalist Francys Romero in Baseball FR. “From that 2018 team, nine players have already emigrated out of a total of 20, which shows that the Cuban player between 13-19 years old still does not see a future on the island.”

To this we must add that since the end of 2021 the director of Sports in the province of Las Tunas, Alexis Pérez Leyva, confirmed that a player from the Lumberjacks had symptoms of coronavirus and currently there are six players and two technicians with the disease, public Newspaper 26.

These infections are part of the 1,946 positives and 5,218 active cases, which this Friday reported the Ministry of Public Health. Cuba has diagnosed 5,219 new cases in the last 14 days, according to official data.


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