What will happen to school feeding during the July holidays?

This year the July or winter holidays are from Monday 11 to Friday 15 July for elementary students. Authorities and teachers planned for that week the operation of the school canteen in 153 schools across the country.

The dining rooms They will provide the food service that is divided into the traditional service (15 thousand students will use it) and the outsourced service (another 6,000), according to official information.

The deputy director of Primary, Olga de las Heras, explained this Friday that the educational centers carried out a pre-registration to schedule those students who will attend during the week to the host schools that have already been established. They are institutions that have the necessary conditions regarding the infrastructure of the dining room and the kitchen.

De las Heras assured that Primary school will cover 21,000 students throughout the country with a “Very varied menu of winter food”. It is what the authorities foresee, although “it is open to more children” who attend, he said.

On the other hand, for special education schools in Montevideo, Primary granted 2,300 food tickets.

host schools

to schools called campus Throughout the country, traditional users who attend that institution will attend, and guests from the closest schools, whose distribution has already been prepared.

The menu is already scheduled for Monday the 11th, and on Tuesday “it can be adjusted” according to demand, in view of what happened the day before, the chief explained to the press.

“The child is going to go to school to have lunch. They are not going to pick up food, to take it on trays”De las Heras explained. The schedule will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m..

School directors will organize the logistics and teachers will regulate the service. For their part, the service assistants will be those from the school itself, and those who will go to work during that week from the institutions from which other children were referred.

In parallel, officials who work for the program Access of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) will collaborate with the kitchen tasks.

“Holidays belong to the children”

De las Heras conveyed peace of mind to the parents and adults responsible for the students, that they will have their plate of food, and that there will be teachers in the host institutions. “That parents and families are calm, that there will be teaching staff in schools. Holidays are for children. We are going to be touring these schools and accompanying the children, at that time from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. “, she emphasized.

The families who have not heard about the pre-registration may attend the dining room with the child on the day they need it, from Monday 11, with the minor’s identity cardensuring that he is a user of the usual dining room service, explained the deputy director.

“No one will be left without food,” he assured..

Also, Primary school offers food service to 7,361 secondary school students. They can already access the dining room this week because they are already on vacation, since last Monday.

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