Rubén Maldonado assures the People’s Force will not approve the domain extinction law

According to the congressman, the initiative has great aspects of unconstitutionality such as retroactivity and the violation of the presumption of innocence.

Santo Domingo.– The spokesman for the bench of People’s Force (PF) in the Chamber of Deputies, Rubén Maldonado, assured this Tuesday that this party will not support the bill on trials of domain extinction as was approved yesterday in the bicameral commission.

According to the congressman, the bill has major aspects of unconstitutionality, such as retroactivity and the violation of the presumption of innocence.

“That project as it is conceived has great aspects of unconstitutionality and that in that commission we never support it, that we are clear in what it has to do with retroactivity and with the presumption of innocence, it has a direct clash with the Constitution of the Republic “, held.

He added that: “Consequently, the People’s Force will under no circumstances support, as it has not supported in other circumstances, a bill with aspects of unconstitutionality as visible as the domain extinction project.”

Maldonado assured that the government party wants to use the subject of the domain extinction law as a “ball of smoke” to remove from the stage, conversation and thought of Dominicans “the serious situation we are going through” (…), approving that tome and that nonsense of law that they know very well that in the Constitutional Court it has to be revoked if they managed to approve it”.

He pointed out that the Government put a “poisoned idiot” on the population so that they do not talk about the things that are owed.

“I am not going to talk about the domain extinction law. I already told you clearly, the People’s Force, that project will not approve it if it has those vices of unconstitutionality. …If they eliminate it, we perfectly support it”, indicated the legislator.


The deputy of the People’s Force, Tobías Crespo, assured this Monday that the mandate of the president of his political organization, Leonel Fernández, with respect to the bill, is that everything that is approved is in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic .

He said that his party will not take an official position on specific issues, such as tax avoidance or whether the law is organic, until the final report of the bicameral commission is presented.

Crespo spoke after attending the meeting held by the bicameral commission in charge of the piece, which took place in the Multipurpose Room of the Senate.

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