What to do if I still cannot find a vacancy for my son or daughter to study

What to do if I still cannot find a vacancy for my son or daughter to study

After spending two years away from their classrooms receiving only virtual classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the staggered, next March 14 and 28.

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Although there are still doubts regarding enrollment, use of the school uniform, class schedule, etc.; the truth is that the happiest are the students, who count the hours to return to their schools.

Despite the fact that there are only a few days left before the return to face-to-face classes, some parents are very concerned because so far they have not been able to find a place for their children. If you are one of them, we tell you what you should do.

The return to classes will take place under strict health protocols (Photo: Minedu)


If you have not yet found a vacancy in any school for your child to study, you must enter the Identicole website, where you must register the information requested to refer your case to the corresponding Local Educational Management Unit (UGEL) in order that I can assist you in finding a vacancy.


1. Enter Identicole by CLICKING HERE or write the following link

2. You must complete the information requested.

student data

  • Document (choose between DNI, immigration card or PTP).
  • Document number.
  • Date of issue.
  • Two orange boxes appear to the right of these three data. Click on validate.
  • After that, it will appear, if you entered the data correctly, the names, first surname and second surname of the student.
  • Then continue with the missing boxes: age. Here you must specify it.
  • Then answer the question: “Have you studied before in a school in Peru?”. She selects yes or no.

Application data

  • Choose between the options: department, province and district.
  • After that, with the three data provided above, the system will automatically designate the UGEL that will provide you with assistance.
  • Then continue completing the form. In educational modality you must choose between: Regular Basic Education, Alternative Basic Education, Special Basic Education or Does not know/does not know.
  • After completing the previous step, the Educational Level box will be enabled, in which you must choose between: Initial Cuna, Initial Kindergarten, Initial Cuna-Jardín, Initial Non-School Program, Primary, Primary for Adults, Secondary, Secondary for Adults .
  • Below is a security code that you must write in the blank box.
  • Finally click Submit.
The data you must fill in to help you find a vacancy (Photo: Minedu)
The data you must fill in to help you find a vacancy (Photo: Minedu)


In order to clear up the doubts that parents have before the next start of the school year, the Ministry of Education made the Identicole website available to them and to the public, which provides free and simple information on state and private educational institutions. .

What do we find in Identicole?

  • The general data of the educational institution: name of the director, address, email, costs and payments (if it is a private educational institution); as well as a map of its geographical location.
  • Services of educational institutions such as the shifts in which classes are taught, the number of students and teachers, and the languages ​​taught.
  • Infrastructure and equipment: educational, sports and administrative spaces; in addition to informing if the campus has access for people with disabilities and if they have an Internet connection.
  • learning achievements; that is, the results obtained by the educational institution in the Student Census Evaluation (ECE) in the last two evaluations applied.

Can I make claims on Identicole?

Yes, Identicole allows you to register a query and/or complaint about different situations that occur in the educational institution and that need to be addressed. These will be sent to the corresponding entities for their respective attention.

By having an internal platform, you can direct UGEL specialists to attend to queries and complaints, as well as the report of unauthorized schools registered by families.

To enter and make queries or searches for educational institutions, just enter the address .

Identicole is the platform enabled by the Ministry of Education to guide and assist parents (Photo: Minedu)
Identicole is the platform enabled by the Ministry of Education to guide and assist parents (Photo: Minedu)

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