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Fuel: Senate urges seeking agreements for direct purchases

The Upper House approved the draft declaration that urges the Executive to sign cooperation agreements with oil-producing countries, for the purchase without intermediaries.

Activate all the necessary mechanisms to sign commercial agreements with governments that produce crude oil or refined products as a way to avoid the constant fluctuation of fuel prices is what the draft declaration approved on tables in the Senate says yesterday.

The project intends that purchases be “direct and without intermediaries”, in order to lower costs and prevent constant readjustments in the final price.

Senator Lilian Samaniego, author of the project, considers that, if these agreements are finalized, operating costs could be reduced at least, since Paraguay is a 100% importing country, it cannot influence the other price components.

At the same time, there are two other proposals to stop new readjustments. One comes from the Executive, which consists of the creation of a fund that would be financed by Petropar and the second is that of Senator Enrique Salyn Buzarquis who seeks to transfer the Selective Consumption Tax to other items that “are not essential.”

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