What the residents of San Felipe, Villa Mella want

Various grassroots and community organizations San Felipein Villa Mellaprotested demanding that the Mayor’s Office build sidewalks and contain the sector so that the streets of the sector are later paved.

The protest was organized by the Community Coalition of San Felipe of Villa Mellathe Association of Young Entrepreneurs, the Association of Neighborhood Councils of Villa Mella North and the Carriers of San Felipe Y Villa Mella.

Roberto Medina president of the Community Coalition of San Felipe stated that the authorities of Public Works they don’t find out about their situation because they drive well-mounted SUVs and don’t go to the affected sectors.

He indicated that San Felipe currently it does not have streets, but neighborhood roads, and for this reason they need to solve the problem. The demonstrators made a civic parade with banners on the main road that connects San Felipe with the subway line.

“It should be noted that a process of hard struggle has been carried out so that the authorities would heed the call to improve the living conditions of our inhabitants, specifically the asphalting of our neighborhoods,” Medina said.

recognized that Public Works The construction of sidewalks and containers began in two of the more than 40 sectors that live in total abandonment, but that was not what was agreed with Minister Deligne Ascención.

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