First survey of non-binary people in Montevideo

Non-binary people seek the right to visibility, the recognition of their existence and to express themselves as they are in all the spaces they inhabit, within this framework the Municipality of Montevideo expressed that it works against all types of discrimination, building equality and defending diversity. and as a concrete action, it will carry out the first survey of non-binary people.

Until Monday, August 29, a form can be completed at the website of the commune, as part of the first survey of non-binary people. This action seeks to have a diagnostic approach to the non-binary population of Montevideo: how they live, what their needs and experiences are in the city.

The data provided will be processed by a technical team from the Intendancy, while the first results will be announced in September, within the framework of the Month of Diversity. This information obtained will provide inputs for the articulation and design of departmental public policies that improve the quality of life of these people.

Some of the topics included in this first survey will be: Identity and gender expression, use of pronouns, employment status and education, place of residence and coexistence, services and health, discrimination and public spaces

In 2021, the Intendancy began a job training program for Trans and Non-Binary people designed at three levels, through which a job skills certification is granted.

These certificates bear the user name of the person who receives it. The trainings continue in 2022 and will extend to 2023.

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