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What procedures and documents should I consider to buy a second-hand vehicle in 2022?

What procedures and documents should I consider to buy a second-hand vehicle in 2022?

The acquire a Preowned is an important investment that a person makes, especially if within the purchase motivations are: to use it for own mobility, and/or as a work tool.

In the purchase process, the first step is to search for the vehicle and that it meets the characteristics that are being sought. Once chosen, it is important to know what procedures, documents and payments must be made for a satisfactory transaction.

In this sense, OLX Autos Peru presents the important documents and procedures to consider if you are thinking of buying a pre-owned vehicle this 2022:

  • Check the technical sheet of the vehicle: It is recommended that before buying a used car, it be thoroughly reviewed and evaluated by a mechanic, making sure that the vehicle is in optimal conditions. In turn, you can ask the seller for the technical file of the vehicle, which specifies the current conditions of the car from a technical and operational aspect. For example: condition of the bodywork and engine, vehicle mileage, conditions of the electrical system and tires, condition of the interior of the car, among other general aspects.
  • statutory inspection: Make sure that the vehicle does not have legal problems such as liens (certification that proves if the vehicle has any debt due to ballots, judgment or arrest warrant, seizure, etc.). And that you have the SOAT up to date. In case of being a pre-owned vehicle of the year, check if it has the Vehicle Heritage Tax paid (which is canceled during the first three years from the registration of the vehicle). If purchased from a dealer, check until what year they will take care of this payment. All this information can be found through the Vehicle Registration Certificate issued by the National Superintendence of Public Registries (Sunarp).
  • Documents: For the purchase process, both the buyer and the seller must have the original documents and copies of the valid DNI, and of the Vehicle Identification Card (known as Property Card). As well as proof of payments of Vehicle Tax and Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) must also be available.
  • Notary process: Once all the previously described details have been validated, the transaction is legally carried out at the Notary Public and the Notary Public a certificate indicating all aspects of the transfer: details of the seller and the new owner, the technical file of the auto, and SOAT status. When making the transfer in a notary, it is responsible for registering the new change of ownership of the car in the Public Records. The cost of this transaction is S/ 79 (notary fees are not included) and the qualification period can be up to seven business days.
  • Turn to experts: It is important to keep in mind that buying a vehicle from a natural person is a risky act, as they may be victims of fraud, theft or others. A better option is to go to experts who allow users to purchase a car directly from their inventory. With the option of scheduling an appointment in person (at the store) or online (through its digital catalogue), advised by specialists to choose the best available vehicle option. The attention is 100% personalized, a technical sheet of the vehicle is presented where up to 214 points (aesthetic and mechanical) are evaluated. If you are interested in a vehicle, you can make the purchase in less than 24 hours, freeing the user from legal procedures. and providing guarantees of up to 6 months.


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