What Opret will do at the Juan Pablo Duarte Metro station

What Opret will do at the Juan Pablo Duarte Metro station

The Office for the Reorganization of Transportation(Opret) conducts studies to build a tunnel parallel in the john paul station Duarte, located in the Olympic Center, and expand the connection space of lines 1 and 2 of the Santo Domingo Subway.

It is that the connection space between the two lines is small for the mobility of users that crowd the place, mainly during peak hours, when queues form to board both lines.

The tunnel parallel or corridor seeks to decongest the current structure and allow people to move more freely. The work is carried out by engineers familiar with the construction of the subway.

For several days, the exit from John F. Kennedy Avenue to Máximo Gómez Avenue in a west-east direction, where the site studies are carried out, was closed. A machine to test the soil, he digs holes about three inches in diameter in the area where the tunnel of interconnection.

On the other hand, work is progressing on the extension of Line 2 of the Metro to Los Alcarrizos. It is already in the Enriquillo neighborhood machine drilling rig that will do the tunnel that would connect that sector with the María Montez station, at kilometer 9 of the Duarte highway.

Drilling is also done here for the place where the tunnel to then start the elevated part of the Metro to the entrance of Los Alcarrizos.

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Metal beams have already been placed in the place where the excavation will begin to build the new underground station of about 800 meters.

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