Union accepted guards and Ancap refinery will be operational during the strike

The representative assembly of the Ancap Federation resolved this Friday that “it will make every effort to cover minimum guards” for “security reasons” and to “guarantee essential services”, next Tuesday, March 8, when a 24-hour general strike organized by the PIT-CNT takes place.

The decision implies that the La Teja refinery will be operational and will not have to be paralyzed as it had happened last December. The shifts will be carried out only by men and shifts involving women who will adhere to the measure will not be granted, according to the union in a statement.

On Friday morning there were negotiations between Ancap authorities led by its president, Alejandro Stipanicic, and union representatives to find a solution.

as reported The Observerafter the denunciation of the collective agreement by Ancap last November, a regulatory vacuum was created that left the union guards without effect for the continuous processes of that industry. This situation had put the operation of the refinery at risk next Tuesday.

The president of Fancap, Gerardo Rodríguez, told VTV Noticias that he “valued positively” the willingness of the Board of Directors to dialogue and it was decided “respond with a signal of the same type”. Company and union have yet to negotiate a new agreement.

Last week, the Expanded National Representative Table of the PIT-CNT voted to support the 24-hour general strike on March 8 (8M), International Women’s Day, with a mobilization for the repeal of the law of urgent consideration (LUC ) that day.

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