They find two bodies hanging from a pedestrian bridge in Durán

What is known about the bodies hanging on a bridge in Durán

Only one of the two people would have been identified. It was ruled out that they carried notes on their bodies.

Marcelo Cortez, deputy commander of the Zone 8 Police, spoke about the bodies hanging on a pedestrian bridge in Duránwhich were found on February 14, 2022.

  1. The alert reached the National Police at 03:40, when the ECU 911 cameras saw two suspicious ‘packages’ and notified the Police units in Durán.
  2. The units arrive and verify that it was two bodies hanging on the entrance bridge to Durán.
  3. Police have indications that the two people were reported missing. It would be a kidnapping.
  4. The disappearance was on February 11, 2022 and the relatives filed the complaint on February 13.
  5. The Police say they have a guideline on the seizure of 7 tons of drugsin Guayaquil, on February 13, related to this event.
  6. Only one of the people was recognized (because he had his wallet) and he has no criminal record.
  7. It was ruled out that they carry messages or notes on their bodies.
  8. The autopsy has not yet defined whether they died of suffocation or were killed earlier. (AVV)


Two bodies were found hanging on a pedestrian bridge in Durán

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