What does Sanchez know?  Deputy Viera believes that Mayor Sánchez is being "politically shielded."  Listen to the audio.

What does Sanchez know? Deputy Viera believes that Mayor Sánchez is being “politically shielded.” Listen to the audio.

A few hours ago, it became known that the Constitution and Legislation Commission of the Chamber of Senators voted by majority, with the will of the Senators of the government coalition, to file the impeachment request against the Mayor of Florencio Sánchez, Alfredo Sánchez, as requested by the Colonia Departmental Board.

In the month of September 2021, the Legal Judge of Rosario, sentenced Mr. Alfredo Sánchez, Mayor of the city of Florencio Sánchez, for the crime of association to commit a crime (article 150 of the Penal Code), in real reiteration with a crime of concussion (article 156 of the Penal Code) and a crime of fraud (article 160 of the Penal Code).

That judicial opinion allowed the Departmental Board of Colonia to decide to accuse Sánchez before the Chamber of Senators, for the purpose of proceeding to carry out the political trial. The Board made this accusation under article 18 of Law 19,272, which expressly makes article 296 of the Constitution of the Republic applicable to Mayors and Councilors.

The aforementioned article 296 of the Constitution provides for impeachment for the Mayor and for the members of the Departmental Board for the reasons established in article 93, which are: “violations of the Constitution or other serious crimes.”

Knowing the decision of the Senate, the Colonial Deputy Nicolás Viera wondered “What does Sánchez know that the government coalition defends him so much? For what reason does the National Party decide to shield it in this way? They tried to shield it legally first and they couldn’t, and now they went for the political shield in Parliament “.

He also said that it is a “staunch defense, without legal basis, of a ruler convicted of crimes against the State, against the Public Administration, using resources that belong to the whole society for personal benefit”.

Vera maintains that “A terrible political message is being given, against the political system but particularly against the community of Florencio Sánchez, who does not deserve it”.

Finally gave a share of hope “Hopefully sanity reigns and the decision of the Commission in the Senate has been a simple mistake that can be corrected in the vote in the plenary session of the Chamber, at least we hope so”.

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