Llaman a autoridades dominicanas respetar los derechos de los migrantes Haitianos

They call on Dominican authorities to respect the rights of Haitian migrants

Santo Domingo.- The Executive President of the Sociocultural Movement for Haitian Workers (MOSCTHA), Joseph Cherubin, called on Tuesday to the Dominican authorities to respect the rights of Haitian migrants who collaborate and reside in Ciudad Juan Bosch, located in East Santo Domingo.

“We call on all competent authorities in the country to respect the rights of all Haitian migrants, we know that each Haitian with a legal immigration status must be distributed,” he assured. Joseph Cherubin in a video.

In addition, Cherubim showed great dismay after the General Directorate of Migration reported last Thursday that, in a joint operation with the Armed Forces and the National Police, they arrested more than 300 undocumented Haitians, during a surprise intervention in the Juan Bosch City.

“The latest events that have occurred in Ciudad Juan Bosch, we are very concerned, that is why we make the call to protect my Haitian brothers,” confirmed the Executive President of MOSCTHA.

On the other hand, the lawyer of the Network Jacques Viau, Manuel Dandreconsidered as unconstitutional for the rapes at home of Haitian migrants in City Juan Bosch.

“It is highly worrying how the Migration Directorate is intervening in inhabited homes, where there are children, women and elderly people and also where there are a set of issues to protect,” he said. Dandre.

Because of what happened, Dandré recalled that the Dominican Constitution clearly establishes the inviolability of the home.

“For you to enter where I am living, you must ask me for an authorization, you are not a person who is passing through, you are not a person who is hidden,” said the lawyer.

Migration Director Enrique García warned that he will not allow undocumented Haitians to continue causing disorder to avoid being arrested and repatriated, as happened in Ciudad Juan Bosch.

Garcia, referring to the incident, recalled that it is not the first time that undocumented Haitians confront the Migration units that work in detection and repatriation operations.

The official stressed that on other previous occasions there have been cases of injuries from stab wounds, stones and sticks during the arrest raids of illegal Haitians.

Regarding the incident, the official said that he reiterated what was said on other occasions, that Migration respects the human rights and due process of the undocumented, but warned that he will not allow him to lack the

He clarified that the team went to the place with little military and police protection because they did not think that they would find that kind of resistance from the illegal Haitians in that sector.

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