Óscar D’León

Óscar D’León denied rumors about his state of health

Oscar D'Leon

Recently, rumors emerged on social networks indicating that Óscar D’León was not in good health. It was the singer himself who went to his social networks to clarify the situation.

The salsero posted on his Instagram account a video in which he assures that, fortunately, he is in very good health.

“I am sending you this message of calm, especially to my fans, because things have been discussed that should not be discussed and that harms our work,” said Óscar D’León.

Oscar D'Leon

In addition to saying that he was in good health, the 78-year-old singer showed it because in the video he was seen to be very active and commented that he was in Los Angeles, United States, about to go to the gym.

“Please, those people who have the bad idea of ​​​​harming others, to retract the situation because, the truth, they hurt,” he asked.

Óscar D’León is in the United States on tour. In fact, the day he published the video denying the rumors about his health, he had a presentation in Los Angeles and on June 4 he has a presentation in Veracruz, Mexico.

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