What does it take to reach an agreement on the minimum wage?

What does it take to reach an agreement on the minimum wage?

Next Wednesday, December 15, the first deadline for the national government, unions and unions to reach an agreement on the minimum wage of 2022 expires, something that today seems very likely after the three parties at the table agree that the figure reaches one million pesos, without counting on the transportation subsidy.

(Unions uncover their letters about increasing the minimum wage).

It is precisely the transport assistance that is currently being negotiated, since union organizations ask that this reach $ 125,000. For this year the subsidy was set at $ 106,454.

“Regarding the $ 1 million, we all fully agree, both businessmen, workers’ centrals and the National Government”, Minister Ángel Custodio Cabrera said, who is confident that the final agreement will be reached this week.

However, in addition to transportation assistance, the parties maintain the negotiation on aspects such as contributions to the health of pensioners and increase in the value of allowances.

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The unions are asking for an exemption in the payment of health care to retirees, so that they only pay 4%.

“This exemption has already been made to all businessmen in the country since 2013 and must also be made to pensioners”, the unions indicated through a statement.

(Raise the minimum 10.07% to reach $ 1 million, Duque’s proposal).

“At this juncture where the minimum wage is discussed, we make the proposal that pensions be increased by the same percentage as the minimum wage is increased”, said Francisco Maltés, president of the CUT.


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