Las mascotas pueden enfermarse si no tienen los cuidados adecuados, en épocas frías (imagen: Urbanimal).

How to take care of the health of your pets in cold seasons

December is characterized by rain and low temperatures. Pets can experience respiratory illnesses.

December is characterized by its constant rains Y low temperatures, therefore Urbanimal published a guide on the importance of the tutors of the pets, believe warm places Y insurance where the animals They can get through these cold seasons and prevent unwanted situations.

Respiratory diseases

Try to have your dog or feline with their vaccinations up to date, thus preventing them from contracting any respiratory disease; change your usual walks at times in which do not rain.

In case you animal company I know wet, always remember dry it as soon as possible possible, avoid cutting their fur or bathe them with cold water during this season.

Food plays a crucial role; as it will help the animal companion stay healthy.

Beware of stagnant waters

Although pets have as protection their layer of natural skin covered with hair, a sudden change of environment can cause some respiratory disease.

Likewise, it is important to take care that the pets get in touch with stagnant waters, since they can be contaminated with deadly bacteria for them.

Remember to brush the pets to remove the old fur, which can contain moisture. (AVV)


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