Wells in Capira with feces, residents consumed the contaminated water

Vomiting, diarrhea and stomach problems are reported in the population of the communities of Casa Romana and Paseo los Arboles, in the district of Capira due to the fact that the wells are contaminated.

Residents of these areas assure that the neighborhoods are supplied from these wells, for which they make a contribution of 10 dollars for cleaning them, but they assure that these cleanings are not taking place, a situation that has them concerned since the lack of maintenance The two reserve tanks from which they are supplied are in very poor condition.

According to the bacteriological analysis carried out by the Water Quality Department of the National Aqueduct and Sewer Institute (IDAAN) on these two underground wells, the distribution network and two storage tanks, the water maintained the presence of the Escherichia coli bacteria, in a measurement of 2.0 NMP/100 ml in one of the wells and of total coliforms in 12.4 NMP/100 ml in another.

Another detail discovered is that the chlorination system is not directly connected to the water sources, which must be corrected.

Regarding this situation, the mayor of Capira, Jorge Ramos, to whom the residents of both neighborhoods requested his intervention, said that directors of the real estate company responsible for the projects have been summoned for tomorrow, Tuesday.

He also said that the report to be submitted by the Department of Environmental Sanitation of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) is awaited.

Writing by Sara Espinosa.

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