Durango warms up before a possible closure of photography between Vitela and Villegas

Durango warms up before a possible closure of photography between Vitela and Villegas

Controversy with businessmen

After the first debate, some business organizations tried to replicate this exercise to learn first-hand about the candidates’ proposals. The most important was undoubtedly the one organized by Coparmex and the CCE on May 6, called “Citizen Debates 2022”, to which the three candidates for governor were summoned.

But Morena’s candidate did not attend, arguing that her absence was due to “agenda issues” and not a snub, as was claimed by the businessmen themselves, who claimed that Vitela Rodríguez had been committed from the beginning.

“We had meetings already scheduled in advance and registered as appropriate in the INE, but I have been visiting the different business groups, the chambers; We were talking with businessmen from the region and I will continue to do so because they are an important part of the transformation of Durango, ”Marina Vitela herself clarified before the media that questioned her absence.

Blanca Estela Castro, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) in Durango, asked Marina Vitela not to ignore the business sector, since they are an important part of whoever wants to win the governorship of the state.

“The Citizen Debate was complete, by candidates, businessmen and chambers present, although we regret the absence of a candidate, her priorities are respected, we were here to listen to her but it is clear to us that businessmen and civil society are not on her agenda”, he said. the president of Coparmex.

For her part, Magdalena Gaucín Morales, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), also lamented the absence of the Morena candidate. “It is important that they listen to us and we also listen to them, if we do not have that feedback, then what can we expect from any politician. Whoever aspires to govern a state should take the time to be listened to, debate, and look for coincidences, because businessmen are the ones who create jobs”, she said.

Emily García Montiel, president of the Mexican Association of Women Heads of Companies (AMMJE), said it was important to listen to the candidates, “unfortunately one of the candidates was missing, a very clear message for the business sector.”



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