'We can make a serious mistake': Mac Master on labor reform

‘We can make a serious mistake’: Mac Master on labor reform

The debate for the labor reform project filed by him National government It is still open and opinions are mixed.

This time, the person who referred to the subject again was Bruce MacMaster, the president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs (Andi).

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The union leader, first of all, clarified, on his Twitter account this Saturday, March 18, his position on the reform: “To those who affirm that by being part of the tripartite commission, to which drafts were taken, we are supporting the labor reform, I clarify that in it we expressed our disagreement with multiple issues due to their effect on SMEs, entrepreneurship, employment, informality“.

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Cordial and democratic social dialogue cannot be confused with supporting any idea or reform. Especially one to which we see risks in terms of families, employment and informality“, he added.

Bruce Mac Master, president of Andi.


He said that they are prepared to present the arguments they have against the labor project of the petro government transparently and firmly, and said that a serious mistake could be made if it is approved.

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It seems to us that the effects on millions of families may be the opposite of those expected, and that we may be making a serious mistake.“, he claimed.

Finally, he commented that he understands and shares the concerns that employers, entrepreneurs, workers and even unions have shown about the labor reform, “who see dangers in the reform presented, and we will be transmitting them to the country and to Congress in the coming weeks. The debate must be democratic and respectful“.

On Friday the 17th, Mac Master had already spoken about the project and said, from Cartagena, that “the definitive version differs in several very sensitive points from what had been seen in days gone by. The Government had the power to do so, but that leads to the concertation being in fewer points than we had originally seen“.

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The labor reform, one of the most important projects of the Petro government, was filed in Congress on Thursday, March 16.

The project proposes, among other things: prioritize hiring for an indefinite term, recover and differentiate the day and night shift from 6 am to 6 pm, payment of 100% of the Sunday surcharge, restore notice for workers, protect work on digital or delivery platforms.


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