We believe says that Evo lost in the Assembly and the MAS believes that there are other pending issues with Del Castillo

We believe says that Evo lost in the Assembly and the MAS believes that there are other pending issues with Del Castillo

While the bench of We Believe assures that this Tuesday Luis Arce’s line defeated evismo in the interpellation to the Minister of Government, Carlos Eduardo Del Castillo; the deputies related to Evo Morales warned that It was a specific interpellation and that there are other issues that the head of government must answer.

“The one who rules in parliament is (Luis) Arce Catacora and not Evo Morales, today the president’s line was imposed Arce and has once again laid hands on Evo MoralesI say that he sat down again in his hand because it is not the first time that Arce has shown Evo Morales that he is the president. Of course we know that Evo Morales has orchestrated a kind of paragovernment from the Chapare and that he has his representatives here in parliament, today Evo Morales, through his parliamentarians, was defeated by the Arce line”, declared the leader of We believe Erwin Bazán to the media.

This Tuesday afternoon the Minister of Government obtained the support of 77 legislators in the vote within the Legislative Assembly. The pure and simple vote that was produced allows hold office for the time being since his co-religionists from the Chapare warned him that there are other pending issues for which he must respond.

“This interpellation has been about citizen security issues in the city of El Alto, the minister has answered the questions and in that context this vote of confidence has been given, However, we warn that it is something that has to do with a topic, but we have others pending, that is the problem, at this moment (the minister) remains in that state portfolio, we will see the other issues later,” warned deputy Gualberto Arispe, who comes from Chapare and is one of Evo Morales’s unconditional legislators. .

the opponent Bazán regretted that the MAS has used a scenario of legislation and control to resolve an internal problem, in view and patience of the opponents who only made an appearance so as not to have an unjustified absence.

There are 166 parliamentarians in total and this Tuesday 145 attended, which means that 21 assembly members did not come to session.

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