Warns that PRSC decisions could be annulled

Warns that PRSC decisions could be annulled

The decision made by the Presidential Directorate and ratified by the National Political Commission of the Christian Social Reformist Party (PRSC) to hold on October 30 one toassembly of delegates to elect a new directive could be canceled.

This was warned by the Presidential Directory, Héctor Rodríguez Pimentel, who described the decision as “anti-statutory” and attributed it to the “vested interest” of some members.

This leader advocated that a national convention be organized within the term of 60 days after the expiration of the current directive established by the statutes of the red party. The mandate of the current authorities expired on May 20 of this year.

The Presidential Directory rejected Rodríguez Pimentel’s proposal and decided to hold a assembly of delegates on October 30 at 10:00 in the morning in the Joaquín Balaguer auditorium of his national house.

The body also approved the regulations for the assembly of delegates. After that meeting, the decisions were approved by the National Political Commission.

Rodríguez Pimentel stormed out of the meeting, warning that “(we) reserve any action we might take in the immediate future.” He assured that the interest of maintaining torpid to the match”.

Other of his demands is that the candidacies begin to be defined for the 2024 elections and that it be clearly established that the PRSC will not go ally to those elections.

Federico -Quique- Antún Batlle, current president of the PRSCexhorted the militancy not to be confused with false prophets and warned that “there are people who pose as a candidate on some occasions and then go to another political force.” He recalled that they must first prepare for the municipal elections of February 2024.

“This party can get up and pave the way, but it is not with the demagogy”, he indicated.

By force, a group of people who came to acclaim deputy Pedro Botello as president of the PRSC, managed to enter the auditorium where the meeting was held. Once inside, it was difficult to continue with the agenda, due to the numerous interruptions of her screaming.

Throughout the morning the headquarters of the PRSC was filled with the uproar of the group shouting “without alliancesPresident Bottle”.

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