Wall Street cierra verde y Dow gana 0,45 % pese a desaceleración en China

Wall Street closes green and Dow gains 0.45% despite slowdown in China

wall street closed this Monday in green and the Dow-Jones Industriales gained 0.45%, despite a negative start to the day that was attributed to the concern generated by the data that shows a certain slowdown in the Chinese economy.

At the end of the operations in the new bag York, the Dow Jones rose 151.39 points to 33,912.44 units, and the selective S&P 500 added 0.40% or 16.99 integers, up to 4,297.14 points.

The composite index of Nasdaq market, for its part, registered a rise of 0.62% or 80.87 units, up to 13,128.05 integers.

The stock market had started the day in the red when several data were released that indicate a slowdown in the Chinese economy- industrial production advanced by 3.8% year-on-year in July, a figure lower than that of the previous month and also significantly below expectations for The experts.

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Besides, the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics (ONE) today also published other indicators for the seventh month of the year, such as retail sales —a meter of the state of consumption, key to economic recovery—, which also gave a negative surprise by increasing by 2.7% year-on-yearless than 3.1% in June and than the 5% forecast by analysts.

In response to the slowdown, the People’s Bank of China cut two key interest rates by 0.1 percentage point and injected the equivalent of $59.3 billion into the financial system to boost loans and economic growth.

But the reaction of Stock markets have not been as negative as one might think – European stocks have started their week higher, perhaps encouraged by the Japanese GDP, which in the second quarter grew by 0.5% and 2.2% year-on-year, and the Asian stock markets also showed different behaviors.

Almost all sectors of the US economy closed in green, being others earnings on essential goods (1.5%) and services public (0.81%); in red they only closed the energy one (-1.98%), in a downhill day for oil prices, and for raw materials (-0.09%).

Among the 30 stocks of the Dow Jones, they led the gains Visa (2.41%), Disney (2.21%) and Procter & Gamble (1.29%), while the numbers red ones headed Chevron (-1.9 %) Y dow (-1.05%).

In other markets, oil from Texas dropped a 2.9% up to 89.41 daysdollars a barrel and, at the close of the trading session, the yield on the Treasury bond 10-year US currency fell to 2.80%, gold fell to $1,795.20 an ounce and the dollar gained ground against the euro, with an exchange rate of 1.0163.

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