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Waldemar Cerrón: We are not thinking about the closing of Congress or the vacancy

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Waldemar Cerrón: We are not thinking about the closing of Congress or the vacancy

The spokesperson for the Peru Libre bench, , welcomed the fact that there has been dialogue in Congress around the public budget law for fiscal year 2022, and assured that his group is in favor of this type of dialogue without thinking about the possibility of the closing of Congress or a presidential vacancy.

“I congratulate because it has reached levels of dialogue and communication. We may have some friction but there are people who oppose until we talk and create terms such as ‘fujicerronismo’, ‘cerrónfujimorismo’, ‘renovation cerronismo’ or APP or Popular Action ”, he pointed out during his participation before the plenary session.

The spokesman for the ruling party said that the congressmen should unite to carry out projects that meet the needs of “the most marginalized.”

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“We are not against dialogue, we are not against it. Not even thinking for a moment about the closing of Congress or other vacancy issues. There is much to do, as Vallejo would say, for our Peru. Let’s get to work as we are already doing and let the corresponding bodies do what they have to do ”added Waldemar Cerrón.

Moments before his participation, there was an exchange of words between the congressman of Fuerza Popular, Alejandro Aguinaga, and that of Peru Libre, Guillermo Bermejo, after the former demanded explanations from the prime minister, Mirtha Vásquez, about the US finding. $ 20 thousand in the bathroom of the General Secretariat of the Presidential Office while Bruno Pacheco held the position.

In response, Guillermo Bermejo indicated that they are in favor of the Public Ministry carrying out the corresponding investigations.

“We urge the prosecution to do its job. But here they have not found anyone distributing money in the SIN room, they should demand that those in charge [Fuerza Popular] tell us where the accounts of Vladimiro Montesinos are, we should ask them to tell us where is the money that Alberto Fujimori stole from the country “he replied.


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