Vizzotti highlighted the role of workers in the vaccination campaign

Vizzotti highlighted the role of workers in the vaccination campaign

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The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, highlighted this Saturday the role that women “had in the vaccination campaign against covid” and advocated that “it be easier for those who come” and “it is less unusual that there are women in strategic and decision-making places”.

“Now we have the challenge of doing what we came to do in health and it was postponed by the pandemic,” added Vizzotti in a tribute to health workers during the meeting “Women and vaccination in a pandemic” that took place at the Eva Perón National Institute of Historical Research – Evita Museum and within the framework of the International Day of Working Women.

According to the Ministry of Health, in her speech, the minister said: “We feel great pride as a country for the campaign that began on December 29, 2020 and we highlight the role of women in it, so that it becomes more and more noticeable, so that it becomes easier for those who come, so that it is less unusual for there to be women in strategic and decision-making positions, because this is to continue expanding rights”.

At the meeting, eight women who performed functions in the anticovid campaign were honored on behalf of all the workers. “Each and all of us were health personnel in this pandemic,” said Vizzotti.

“Each and all of us were health personnel in this pandemic”

And, he remarked: “We were a protective shield and tried to reduce the transmission of the virus. It is time to recognize ourselves in what was done in a very complex situation and today we are going to dimension the chain that was formed to respond to the pandemic.

The minister also stressed that “every time we were going to receive a plane, we saw the number of people involved, the complexity involved in receiving vaccines” because “an infinite number of people had already worked with the contract, with the reception of the batches, with the liberation of ANMAT, with the planning for the flight to come”.

“Once the plane arrived, another chain began from the ground controls to the provinces, at each vaccination, until it reached the people’s arms”narrowed down

Vizzotti expressed: “Women, men, groups of diversity, we have to know that we did it, that we can do it and that we will continue. Now we have the challenge of doing what we came to do in Health and was postponed by the “coronavirus” pandemic. That the slogan ‘We move the world’ towards equality is less and less a slogan and more reality, “she added.

For its part, the Secretary of Climate Change, Cecilia Nicolinistated that “when we got off the plane, when we were negotiating, when we worked with the team from the Ministry of Health, there was always a woman who accompanied you with a look or a smile that translated into an invaluable gesture to keep going despite the stress. “.

The Buenos Aires Government Minister, Cristina Álvarez Rodríguezstressed that “today the recognition is for those who carried out tasks that show us that nothing can be sustained individually without a community.”

Among the women who recounted their experience during the pandemic, the crew member of the Aerolineas Argentinas planes that transported vaccines from Russia, María Florencia Pasquerorecalled that “when we arrived in Ezeiza we saw the enormous display from the air, and as the plane stopped, tears fell from our eyes, tears of pride and emotion.”

Alejandra Tarrago, Customs worker at Ezeiza International Airportrecalled that in the reception of the shipments, work was done against the clock “to save time and guarantee the safety of the vaccine.”

Sandra Dumrauf, deputy commissioner of the Argentine Federal Policesaid that “it was an honor to have been a link in this vaccination campaign”, when he had to participate in the vaccine custody operations.

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