Virtual hearing for the Pedro Castillo case was interrupted by a video of a stripper dancing

Virtual hearing for the Pedro Castillo case was interrupted by a video of a stripper dancing

Unexpected. During the rights protection hearing requested by the defense of the President of the Republic, an incident occurred that surprised the participants of the virtual meeting broadcast publicly by the Judiciary this Wednesday, June 15.

It all started minutes after the hearing ended. At the end of his speech, President Castillo’s lawyer, Benji Espinoza, asked the Honorable Member “to declare the protection of rights founded as we have indicated, we consider that we have complied with the Court of Justice, now it is up to you ”.

Seconds later, the prosecutor Samuel Aguirre spoke, who noticed the abrupt change of screen. “Sir, I think there is interference, an audio of the lawyer (Benji Espinoza) is leaking… some very suggestive images are coming in. We do not know exactly what it is due to, Mr. Judge, ”says the prosecutor while the transmission is cut.

Benji Espinoza, lawyer for Pedro Castillo, interruption in hearing
Video: Justice TV.

In the 10-second video, the stripper Ricardo Milos is seen dancing in sunga through a pornographic page shared by the user called “Espinoza Ramos Study Assistance”, who was allowed to enter the meeting by zoom minutes before.

Lawyer Benji Espinoza once again asked the supreme judge to speak Juan Carlos Checkley Soria to clarify what happened and request an investigation into the incident. He called to investigate who is the person who has entered and “he has placed Assistance Study Espinoza Ramos apart from the actions that his honor can take. I ask that verification be done and communicate it, please.


Ricardo Milos is a Brazilian stripper and model who quickly went viral for his suggestive dance moves. He also became a meme in 2018. Here you can learn more about him.

Virtual hearing for the Pedro Castillo case was interrupted by a video of a stripper dancing


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