They propose to modify the bill that regulates the DNI

They propose to modify the bill that regulates the DNI

The guilds that group the financial sector presented their observations and proposals for modification of some articles of the bill that regulates the National Intelligence Directorate (DNI), with the intention that the legislative piece can fulfill its purpose of strengthening national security, safeguarding the rights of citizens, the stability of the financial sector and the national economy, reported today the Association of Multiple Banks of the Dominican Republic (ABA).

The communication with the observations to the project was sent to the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, under the signature of the ABA, the Association of Savings and Credit Banks and Credit Corporations (Abancord), the Dominican League of Savings and Loan Associations, Inc. (Lidaapi) and the Dominican Association of Foreign Exchange Intermediaries, INC (Adochange).

The ABA explained in a press release that the unions highlighted the contribution that this bill constitutes for the institutionality in the Dominican Republic, contributing to the State having effective and specialized intelligence services, capable of facing the current challenges to guarantee security, stability and national sovereignty, as well as the integrity of its heritage.

In addition, they pointed out that there are some provisions contained in the piece that, they understand, must be carefully reviewed by the Legislative Power, in order to adapt them to a wording that safeguards legislative harmony and that seeks an effective and reasonable application of this legal initiative. .

They also warned that, if the current wording remains, it could cause significant damage to the financial system, injuring, in addition, fundamental and constitutionally protected rights in the country.

They suggest that it be added to the piece that, in the case of financial intermediation entities, the information is requested via the Superintendence of Banks (SB), in order to preserve the confidentiality obligation that they must comply with, in accordance with article 56 literal b, of Law 183-02, modified by Law 249-17.

They recalled that banking entities are already regulated, supervised and audited by the agencies that make up the Monetary and Financial Authority.

They point out that, with the incorporation of this aspect, any distortion or risk that could arise from indiscriminate access to information would be eliminated, “which would affect the stability of the financial system that is based on trust,” says the note.

They maintain that, in turn, it would guarantee the right to protection of personal data and privacy of individuals, as established by the Dominican Constitution.

Additionally, they suggest incorporating aspects that differentiate the different degrees of confidentiality and information security classification or the process of “declassification” of confidential or reserved information.

According to the ABA document, the actors of the financial sector They propose that, in addition to the coordination exercised by the DNI, a collegiate body be formed to be in charge of guiding and supervising the country’s intelligence and counterintelligence activities.

Another of the suggestions contained in the document sent to the lower house is that the bill elaborate more specifically on the scope of the principles that support the National Intelligence Directorate, as well as the role that these play in the limits of their performance, in such a way that they base and sustain the norm and the bases on which the law is based. Additionally, they propose that new principles be incorporated such as: due process, legality and restricted circulation.

Finally, the unions appealed to the understanding of the legislators who study the piece, regarding the aspects detailed in the communication that was already sent to the president of the Chamber of Deputies.

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