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A “fuck” on the air against a story that he himself admits he did not read, put Luis Bareiro at the center of criticism and ridicule on the networks.

The largest injection of drug money into the financial system, through financial maneuvers by Luis Carlos Da Rocha, alias Cabeza brança, via Banco Atlas (from the Zuccolillo group) was one of the highlights of the day.

The prosecutor Lorena Ledesma, who is investigating the case, points out in a letter that the Atlas group participated in: “granting loans to people who did not meet the financial profile, and in this way contribute to the integration of sums of money resulting from drug trafficking ”.

The information was published on the cover of the newspaper La Nación, in its current edition.

In the journalistic field, the obvious rule is that the news is a story of a current event, which arouses the interest of the public.

However, for the journalist Luis Bareiro, from the Vierci group, apparently the news in question not only does not deserve to be read, but also rejected without knowing the content.

“I don’t give a damn what La Nación publishes, I don’t follow the hitmen of Chartism,” Bareiro replied with apparent indignation, when a listener of his program asked him if he had any comments to express about the information given by the prosecution and published by La Nación.

From the expressions of the communicator, it can be deduced that he applies the attitude of not reading what the competition publishes. And consequently, many times arriving late (a very sensitive “sin” among journalists) to events that are of interest to the public.

At various times, La Nación published news of interest, such as, for example: the monumental smuggling of sugar, cheese and other supermarket products, perpetrated by the Vierci group. Others: the corruption with Chinese inputs at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the corruption in the administration of Patricia Samudio in Petropar (which forced her to resign), the narco friend of former minister Arnaldo Giuzzio (which forced him to resign), the corruption with the mobile police stations of former Minister Juan Ernesto Villamayor (removed from the Interior and placed in the presidential cabinet).

As well as the attempt by the group led by Villamayor to force Petropar to pay US$7 million to a briefcase company in Argentina, later in an operation almost mirrored by the debt to Venezuela (which definitively separated him from the Executive). And other firsts such as the thousand and one rigged bids in the IPS, the funny concessions to the Engineering company, managed by friends of the current president Mario Abdo. And so, an endless number of published topics that were covers of La Nación, replicated and then followed by the competition, as befits the profession of journalism, marked by the imperative of always being up to date with the news, even if they are the ones you like. , or dislike journalists who only see and comment on what pleases or suits them.

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