Video: UFO would have tried to communicate in Morse code, did they return Mafe Walker's love?

Video: UFO would have tried to communicate in Morse code, did they return Mafe Walker’s love?

A flash of light that was seen in the skies of La Paz (Bolivia), has scared all its inhabitants, as witnesses who saw this phenomenon, They assured that it was a UFO that was trying to communicate with humans through Morse codes.

This strange object could be seen for approximately five minutes, and the citizens took the opportunity to record on their cell phones some small videos that they spread on social networks and that quickly went viral.

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Some expert ufologists pointed out that this object was strange since it was not an airplane, much less a drone. Likewise, One of the people who witnessed this event told Telemundo that the alleged UFO blinked as if it wanted to communicate with them.

One woman noted that “an intense light flickered all the timebut it was very strong for me”, agreeing with the statements of the other person who affirmed the same.

However, she also said that when this appeared in the sky “something like he told me to look outside”who added that “a voice said ‘hello’ to me”.

In this way several experts have analyzed the situation and they concluded that they are analyzing if this object really used some kind of language to communicate.

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And even Internet users commented that this is something crazy, and even dared to mention that this has been a message for the Colombian Mafe Walker who has previously stated that he talks to aliens.

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