[Video] A thief who received justice by his own hand was defended with a dagger in hand

[Video] A thief who received justice by his own hand was defended with a dagger in hand

Although sales skyrocket in the middle of the December season, it is true that thefts also skyrocket and in the center of Bogotá there is no exception, since it is already known what the muggers’ modus operandi at this time of year.

Through a video circulating on social networks, the case of an assailant who tried to steal some pants from an informal sales stand on the seventh race in Bogotá was revealed. In front of the Nuestra Señora de las Nieves parish. The way he intended to do it, as the pictures show, it was by wearing two pants so no one would notice the theft.

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However, the man was chased by the owner of the trading post and some companions, until he was reduced to the ground and forced to take off his pants in the middle of the street. This, added to the fact that people, outraged by the theft, tried to hit him several times, especially the seller.

However, the situation was forced to stop by other men who, with knives, threatened and prevented the assailant from being lynched and seriously beaten.

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“The peeled man has a tremendous knife in his suitcase. The one in green has a knife“, a woman is heard saying in the video, while it is observed that the indicated subject has an object up his sleeve.

Meanwhile, the video shows that the alleged assailant puts his pants back on, stands up and manages to leave the place. In turn, the vendor retrieves the pants and continues on his way.

Video: Alleged thief is defended with a knife

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