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René Arocha: Exiled baseball players should play for Cuba when the Island is free

MADRID, Spain.- Former Cuban baseball player René Arocha criticized the players who emigrated from the Island who have accepted integrate Team Cuba in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

“I would like to ask those baseball players… and ask the fans who say that representing Cuba is not representing the government, if they know Maykel Osorbo and Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara,” Arocha said in a recent interview with the sports media. Cuban ball.

For the athlete, who debuted in the Major Leagues in 1993, the exiled baseball players should play with a team from the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) “when there is a free Cuba, and a baseball team of all free Cubans.”

Asked about the FCB’s call, only for players who meet some “requirements”, he considered that this is precisely because “there is no freedom”.

“They are all exiles, but there are some who call them deserters, as if they were soldiers. I think that it is not being fair, that is, if they are going to summon everyone, ”argued Arocha, considered one of the main pitching stars in the National Series during his time in Cuba.

“I think that if the FCB really wanted to make a start, they themselves would make a press release saying that all players born in Cuba have the right to participate with the team. Even if it was a real opening, ”he added in that sense.

In addition, he expressed that the dream of having an independent Cuba Team “will be achieved when Cuba is free,” when “there would no longer be ‘traitors,’ nor exiles.”

Rene Arocha was one of the pioneering Cuban baseball players to “desert” from national teams to make a path in professional baseball. After “eloping” during a layover in Miami in 1991, he signed with the St. Louis Cardinals and made his major league debut in 1993.

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