Venezuelans with PPT will be able to obtain a driving license in Colombia

Venezuelans with PPT will be able to obtain a driving license in Colombia

The Embassy of the interim government of Venezuela in Colombia revealed that the Ministry of Transport authorized that the Temporary Protection Permit (PPT) be valid as an identification document for advance or manage any type of procedure related to transit.

With this decision, Venezuelan migrants with PPT will be able, for example, get driving license. For Eduardo Battistinichargé d’affaires of the embassy of the interim government, this promotes the integration of the almost 2.4 million Venezuelans in Colombia.

The resolution applies to “the Territorial Directorates of the Ministry of Transport, Transit Organizations, Transit Support Organizations, Single National Transit Registry and to the Integrated Information System on Fines and Sanctions for Traffic Violations”.

The Ministry of Transport clarifies that in cases where that the transit document is valid, it may not exceed the validity of the PPT which has “a validity limit until May 30, 2031”, which is the date on which the Temporary Protection Statute for Venezuelan Migrants ceases to apply if it is not modified or substituted.

In case of other valid documents that are associated with the vehicle, such as SOAT or mechanical technical review and polluting emissions, the general validity must be maintained. This also does not apply to transit documents that are not valid.

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