Anticovid vaccination begins throughout the country in children between 6 months and 3 years

Anticovid vaccination begins throughout the country in children between 6 months and 3 years

(Photo: Marcelo Ochoa).

Several provinces began anticovid vaccination this Thursday in children from 6 months to three years with different strategies coordinated with the municipalities and with special training for vaccination staff to be able to complete all age groups in the national campaign.

The vaccine adopted to vaccinate this group of children is the spikevax of the laboratory modern specially designed for young children and, according to official authorizations, it will be applied to the group between six months and two years and 11 months as the first dose and as a reinforcement to those between 3 and 5 years old.

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, confirmed this Thursday that this campaign is intended “for the last stage of life that needed to be protected” and, when visiting the Vaccination Center of the Garrahan Hospital, in the city of Buenos Aires, he remarked that this vaccine “is going to be very important to start the vaccination schedules for all babies and receive the reinforcement or start the schedule for those who do not It had started between three and four years.

Vizzotti led the start of the pediatric vaccination campaign Photo Victor Carreira
Vizzotti led the start of the pediatric vaccination campaign. (Photo: Victor Carreira).

Vizzotti stressed that “the recommendation in vaccination centers is to take advantage of giving other vaccines on the calendar”, since “they can be co-administered, they can be given at the same time, and take advantage if a dose is missed. So with a very big novelty, Argentina is one one of the first countries to be able to protect this age group”.

Buenos Aires province

there, where The shift order system has already been implemented So that parents can request vaccination for their children, sources from the Ministry of Health told Télam that starting next week the citations to place the pediatric dose will begin to be distributed.

In Bahía Blanca, sources from the First Health Region indicated that pediatric vaccination there will begin on August 10 with the shifts that are distributed from the Buenos Aires Vacunate application and explained that babies and children up to 3 years old will be inoculated “in the vaccination centers municipal”, while the others will continue with the scheme in the health posts of the province.


The pediatric vaccination campaign began on Tuesday in the capital and from this Wednesday it has expanded to the other provincial towns with some 52,000 doses of Modernaaccording to the local Ministry of Health.

Photo Ruben Paratore
(Photo: Ruben Paratore).

The head of the Epidemiology area, Laura López, recalled that for inoculation in the capital, registration is not required, but rather go directly to the authorized vaccination centers, while inside they must previously register on the site


The application of the pediatric vaccine began this Thursday with the same methodology that is applied for the other ages, with days established according to the completion number of the National Identity Document and in two vaccination centers, in the morning and in the afternoon, announced the health wallet.

The director of Epidemiology and Immunization, Angelina Bobadilla, highlighted the importance of this pediatric inoculation against the coronavirus by pointing out that children “although they develop few symptoms or do not develop symptoms, they can be contagious and vaccination is important to cut the chain of transmission”.


The head of Supervision of Epidemiological Activities, Daniela Carreras, confirmed to Télam that they were “starting today the vaccination campaign against Covid19 from 6 months to 2 years of age after the arrival of the first consignment with 8,400 doses of Moderna Pediatric“.

And, he pointed out that “the target population in this age group is estimated at 22,000 boys and girls.”


Vaccination by spontaneous demand also began this Thursday to reach a target population of 21 thousand childrenaccording to official sources.

“A sector of the population that we did not have before is going to be covered, for which all the personnel were trained and the almost 11,000 pediatric doses that the province received are finished being distributed,” Health Minister Antonio Télam told Télam. Buljubasich.

Photo Marcelo Ochoa
(Photo: Marcelo Ochoa).

Parents must go to health posts, hospitals and vaccination centers to inoculate their children, although in some neighborhoods there will be “door-to-door” application.


The local Health Minister, Luis Medina Ruíz, highlighted this Thursday the beginning “of vaccination for children between 6 months and two years old, after arriving in the province of 26,400 doses of Moderna“.

According to the minister, the vaccines “will be available from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and without previous shifts at the Children’s Hospital, in Kirchner, Avellaneda, Del Este, in Concepción, Aguilares, Monteros and in the Vaccinatory of the family”.

“With these vaccines we can now complete all the age groups that want to be protected and prevent a serious disease,” added the official and remarked that “they are safe vaccines, tested worldwide and they come to protect us, without a doubt all children, especially those who have some pathology that makes them vulnerable, should be placed to avoid complications in the event of contagion.”


The health authorities said that when pediatric vaccination began this Thursday until noon “several people approached the Central Vaccine Center to ask about the requirements” and pointed out that the province received 6,000 thousand dosess that will be applied in the usual laboratories from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Land of Fire

He began this Thursday to vaccinate boys and girls between six months and three years of age against Covid19, with the “free demand” system since the antigens will be available in “all Health Centers in the province,” spokesmen for the Ministry said. of local Health and remarked that this “demanded an important logistical work for its distribution in Ushuaia, Río Grande and Tolhuin”.

The deputy head of the Provincial Immunization Program, Ariana Benetucci, maintained that “it is essential that when they take boys and girls to be vaccinated against Covid-19, they catch up with the vaccines on the national calendar.”

“The prevention strategy with vaccines is the best way to avoid complications and hospitalizations due to Covid in boys and girls, from an early age,” health spokesmen assured.

Photo Ruben Paratore
(Photo: Ruben Paratore).

Black river

Pediatric vaccination began this Thursday after the arrival of “9,600 doses that have already been distributed in hospitals and health centers of the province”, reported sources from the health portfolio and pointed out that each vaccination center will plan its days in the coming days.


He arranged to start vaccination this Friday with the Modern Pediatric since, according to the Minister of Health, Social Development and Sports, Ana María Nadal, “28,800 doses of this vaccine against Covid arrived and immunization begins on Friday 5, in centers of vaccination and health centers”.


Pediatric vaccination will begin this Friday after, according to the Immunization Program of the Ministry of Public Health, the Province received 22,500 vaccines from the national government that were distributed in hospitals and health centers.

The supervisor of the Immunization program, Gabriela Chilo, indicated that “there are more than 45 thousand children that make up this pediatric population” to start their vaccination scheme.

“Vaccines will be administered on demand,” he said.

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