Venezuelans abroad can update data for the primaries from this #7 Jun

It is estimated that just over three million Venezuelans abroad will be able to vote in the primaries. Voting will be manual in the 80 designated cities, as established by the regulations.

The National Commission for Primary (PC) informed that as of this Wednesday, June 7, Venezuelans abroad will be able to update their information through the web platform to be able to participate in the elections on October 22, where it is expected to choose a unitary opposition candidate for the 2024 presidential elections.

The president of the Commission, lawyer Jesús María Casal, thanked all the people involved in this initiative, “which allows compatriots who had to leave the country to participate in the construction of political change for Venezuela.”

The process consists of four stages: Registration, Information, Validation and Photos. In addition to the identity card number, citizens are also asked for their date of birth, confirm the place where they will exercise the right to vote, email, telephone number and the additional question is asked if their place of residence is the same as where aspires to vote

To complete the validation, photos of the ID or passport, valid or not, where the document number is visible, will be requested.

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The Primary Commission clarified, within the same registry, that the data will only be used for primaries. «The personal data provided will be kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are collected. These data will not be used for the preparation of lists that are publicly accessible or delivered to public bodies.

According to the regulation on voting abroad, for which 80 cities distributed in 31 countries were enabled, only the 107,000 Venezuelans who to date are registered in the Electoral Registry to vote abroad will be able to participate.

In addition, “those Venezuelans who are in the RE may vote, but those who have not been able to update their address to vote abroad, our technicians estimate that more than three million Venezuelans are in this situation.”

In total, it is estimated that just over three million Venezuelans will be able to vote in the primaries in these 80 cities. Voting will be manual, as established by the regulations.

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