Weather in Uruguay today: Inumet’s weather forecast for this Wednesday, June 7

He Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) forecast for this Wednesday June 7 a cloudy day, with humidity, high temperatures for the season, isolated rains in almost the entire country and probability of storms in several areas.

In the metropolitan area, the forecast on the Inumet website indicates a cloudy to overcast sky, and mists, throughout the day. For the morning he plans a low probability of low rainfall.

The expected temperature range is from a minimum of 11 °C to a maximum of 19 °C.

Inumet Forecast for the East

In the east, the forecast is similar to that of the metropolitan area: sky between cloudy and cloudy all day, along with mists and fog banks.

In the morning the institute foresees precipitation and possible storms. In the late eveningprobable isolated precipitations

inumet awaits a minimum of 10 °C and a maximum of 21 °C.

What will the weather be like in the west?

As in the east, for the west Inumet forecast same overcast cloudy sky, and mists and fog banks, all day. However, in this area it does not indicate any probability of storm, only scant and isolated rains in the morning.

The temperature range goes from 13 °C to 24 °C.

This will be the center of the country, according to Inumet

Also skies between cloudy and covered, with mists and fog banks, appear in the Inumet forecast for the center of the country. In the morning he foresees precipitation and possible storms. In the late evening, little and isolated rainfall likely.

The expected minimum temperature It is 10 °C and the maximum is 22 °C.

And the weather in the north?

In the north, the institute foresees fog all day and a sky between cloudy and overcast. For the morning, he points out on his website the presence of isolated rains and a low probability of storms. For the afternoon/evening Probable isolated precipitation.

The forecast temperature is 16 °C the minimum and 23 °C the maximum.

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