They save the third minister of Arce from censorship

They save the third minister of Arce from censorship

June 7, 2023, 4:00 AM

June 7, 2023, 4:00 AM

In the last two weeks, three ministers who enjoy the confidence of President Luis Arce have been questioned about the arrest of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, the judicial reform and the position of the State regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The authorities emerged gracefully from the Legislative Assembly that achieved the votes of evistas, archists and even opponents.
Yesterday, Tuesday, it was the turn of Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta who had to give explanations about Bolivia’s position on the war in Europe.

Of the 142 legislators attending, 74 voted for the agenda pure and simple, which means approving the questioned person’s report, that number of votes meant an absolute majority and therefore, the vice president, David Choquehuanca, considered the questioning act ended.

“The agenda pure and simple was approved, so the second proposal is discarded (reasonable agenda-censorship). Having exhausted the agenda, the present session is concluded, ”said the ex officio president of the Assembly immediately before the protest of the opponents.

The two questioning legislators, Javier Martínez and Guillermo Seoane, collected information to question Bolivian foreign policy and They detailed the 10 occasions in which the Bolivian delegation in international organizations abstained from voting, when most nations condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Bolivia’s votes in international forums took place between February 25, 2022 and February 23, 2023.
Senator Martínez recalled that due to this armed conflict food is rising in price in the world, the same as fueland it is causing economic crises in all countries and it seems that the Government does not take this aspect into account.

On May 23, with the vote of 88 parliamentarians out of 151 present, the Minister of Government, Carlos Eduardo Del Castillo, was successful in the interpellation raised by the senators of Comunidad Ciudadana on the actions of the apprehension of Camacho. Although there were not two thirds, only an absolute majority, but the vice president considered the vote valid and closed the assembly session.

On that occasion ‘arcistas’ and ‘evistas’ put aside their differences to save Del Castillo. The secretary of the Assembly reported that there were 151 parliamentarians in attendance and that 76 votes were required to approve the agenda pure and simple, but 88 were obtained.
That session was marked by fights between pro-government supporters and opponents who hit each other in the middle of the legislative plenary session.

On May 31, the Minister of Justice, Iván Lima, who was questioned by the defendants regarding the reform of the judicial system it was saved from being censored in the Legislative Assembly with the help of opponents who rejected censorship and due to the faults of some legislators. After this interpellatory act, Senator Silvia Salame was unknown by CC and 15 opposition legislators were observed for missing the session.

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