Venezuelan opposition calls for dialogue with all sectors

Venezuelan opposition calls for dialogue with all sectors

The match Venezuelan opposition Movement for Socialism (MAS) insisted on Monday on the need to resume dialogue with the Government of Venezuela in an “inclusive” manner with representation from “all sectors”.

“Otherwise we run the risk of always, that only converse a part that does not represent the whole society and the dialogue only ends up being useful to those who use it for a specific purpose,” said the formation’s general secretary, Philip Mujicaquoted in a press release.

In his opinion, the dialogue process is “meaningless” if it is only resumed between the Government and a sector of the oppositionso it must have representation from “all sectors” in order for it to move forward.

“Dialogue has to be to solve the problems of the Venezuelans and Venezuela in capital letters, not to talk about particular situations or to help a sector have a greater or lesser representation, be it the Government or some sector of the opposition,” he said.

On Friday, a group of 36 Venezuelans asked the government and the opposition to resume the negotiation process in Mexicosuspended since last October after the extradition of the Colombian businessman Alex Saaballeged figurehead of the President Nicolas Maduro.

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“It is important to resume the negotiation process that was underway in Mexico. Renew this initiative would generate confidence in the will of Venezuelans to overcome plural, peaceful and electorally the various crises: the economic and social, but also the institutional and political”, indicated the independent citizens it’s a statement.

They also pointed out that this negotiation, which began last August between the Government and the opposition led by Juan Guaidó and suspended later in Octoberdoes not exclude dialogue in other instances that may contribute to solving other problems.

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