Public TV workers denounced a "media campaign" against public media

Public TV workers denounced a "media campaign" against public media

The workers expressed themselves in a statement.

The workers of the Public TV They denounced this Monday a media campaign “against public media” when warning about the informative treatment given by the news channel LN+ and Clarín newspaper to a series of legal presentations made by employees of channel 7 before “the untimely salary reduction of 40%” carried out between 2018 and 2019 for the management of Cambiemos.

“The workers of the Public TV obtained seven favorable judgments against (Hernán) Lombardi’s policy, but LN+ and Clarín only publish a contrary ruling. The Labor Justice issued several favorable sentences to Public TV workers”, they reproached in a statement that they spread this Monday from the networks.

In the statement, the workers detailed that “rooms V, VI and X of the National Chamber of Labor Appeals ordered the payment of salary differences”, for which they resolved in the second instance in favor of the claim of the petitioners who had suffered the cut of salaries.

In addition, they noted that “National Labor Courts No. 2, 20, 33 and 42” issued in the same direction, and added that these rulings are “pending analysis in the National Chamber of Labor Appeals.”

After underlining these antecedents, from the Press Union of Buenos Aires (SiPreBA) They questioned that the Clarin newspaperin its edition of Friday, May 5, published “a note with the only ruling that contradicted all the previous ones, ignoring the existence of the favorable opinions”.

For the same reason they criticized the group’s television signal The nation by pointing out that several “programs of the news channel LN+” adopted “the same modality”which consisted of reporting on the ruling against the worker’s request without mentioning the other previous resolutionswhat had ordered the reinstatement of pay cuts carried out in the last two years of the government of Mauricio Macri.

In dialogue with Télam, the general secretary of SiPreBA, Agustin Lecchistated that “The notes that they now publish against the labor rights of the workers of Public TV, with false data, omit the multiple favorable rulings that we had from SiPreBA.”

For the trade unionist, this episode “demonstrates that to defend” the policy of the former head of the Federal System of Media and Public Content, Hernán Lombardi, “they can only appeal to lies.”

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