In Los Yungas they force the Police to carry out their work at the point of blows

In Los Yungas they force the Police to carry out their work at the point of blows

Kidnapped and threatened, the police stationed in the town of La Asunta, in Los Yungas de La Paz, had to travel to fulfill their mission and investigate the attempted murder of a peasant in a community of that municipality. The local people denounced that they help support the maintenance of the Police and they extort money from them.

Peasants from the community of Copalanimarched from that place to the municipality of La Asunta to claim that the police officers charge those who request some action from the uniformed men.

The victim, a woman in her 40s, reported that her father was totally beaten and that she asked the leaders of her community for help, they arrested the aggressor. The community contributed Bs 500 to legally detain the person.

He said that he arrived in this town at approximately 01:00 this Monday and the policeman on duty, the “Chinese non-commissioned officer” asked him for Bs 1,000 to “go upstairs” to apprehend the person.

The victim said that she did not have that amount and that the leaders only gave her half to rent a taxi. Between seeking help and begging the uniformed men, the aggressor fled the town and the beaten person cannot even be transferred to a medical center due to the seriousness of his injuries.

Fed up with police abuse, the peasants marched and they cornered half a dozen uniformed. Now the peasants have asked for the policemen to leave because it would not be the first time that this type of charges has occurred, according to two videos published by radio FMBolivia.

The accused policeman related the same story, but said that he asked to rent a vehicle because they do not have their own vehicle and denied having charged an amount for fulfilling their mission and said that they are at the service of the community. The affected took the megaphone and reiterated the complaint of her charge and her countrymen reacted angrily against the police.

They tried to explain, without success, that their version was the true one, but other neighbors denounced that it is not the first time.

Then two leaders stationed themselves at the door of the police precinct, one of them discovered the face of the extorting policeman by lifting his cap and they launched two blows against the uniformed men.

Amid the shouting, the policemen they grabbed their things and said they would go to the community to collect research data. The Departmental Command of La Paz did not want to refer to the case, EL DEBER insistently called the number of Colonel Ismael Villca and also sent messages requesting an interview and did not respond to the messages.

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